Hearty Garden Soups for Private Label

Hearty Garden Soups for Private Label


heartygarden-cutsheet.jpgHearty Garden™ soups are creamy and decadent and 100% plant-based.

Plant-based comfort food for everyone, from the flexitarian to the strict vegan.

heart2.jpg  Tomato Basil Bisque
heart2.jpg  Toscano Soup with "Sausage" and Kale
heart2.jpg  Creamy Chipotle Bisque
heart2.jpg  Thai Sweet Potato Soup

Hearty Garden™ soups:

  100% vegan, all natural

  Gluten free                                           

  Non GMO

  Delicious gourmet

  Great for "grab and go" meal or side dishes

  16 oz. tubs or food service packs

  Shelf life -  12 weeks (refrigerated)


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